Community Redevelopment

We are proud of the infrastructure and beautification projects that have been carried out in our communities, but we believe there is room for improvement. As we evaluate our communities against the backdrop of Houston at large, there are quite a few development endeavors that we know would create a safer, cleaner and more bustling area for our residents to thrive in. We want our communities to be “one-stop shops” for those who want to eat, live, work and play within a fifteen mile radius of their home.


There is beauty in convenience, and because there is a lack of community redevelopment in some of our neighborhoods, we cannot offer the convenience that hard-working residents deserve. This is an issue that we must address rigorously.


We have listened to the leaders of our communities, they have voiced the desires of their neighbors, parents, children and friends. We are looking forward to taking their concerns and their vision and partnering with the appropriate entities to make sure that resolutions are offered.