Proponents of Early Childhood Education

Waiit Inc is committed to education advancement, and one of our top priorities is the development of early childhood centers. Our communities will benefit from these centers substantially. First, through a bi-focus curriculum that addresses the needs of children and first-time parents, the centers will impact the home environment. Through data and assessments, we have a keen understanding of how certain cyclical teachings negatively affect a child’s performance in school. Our contemplated bi-focus curriculum will focus primarily on instilling, in parents and children, the importance of cultivating a healthy learning environment outside of school.

New tools & Methods in the classroom.

Second, early childhood centers have proven to be instrumental in providing new tools and methods for approaching educational needs that are beyond the scope of the classroom. Through early childhood centers, will be able to teach advance learning techniques and employ high caliber educators.

Impacting Minority Communities.

We understand the significance of education and how impactful an outstanding educational program can be on a child’s life. We also understand that in a large number of minority communities, the educational programs are suffering. We are fully committed to repairing discrepancies that hinder the learning process of our children while supporting educational establishments that already exist in our community.